Houston Synvisc-One Injections

Synvisc-One is an FDA approved injection treatment, which can provide up to 6 months of continuous relief from osteoarthritis knee pain. Its molecular weight is similar to the natural fluids found in knees (called synovial fluid). The movement that it restores is natural and helps improve the ability of your joints to absorb impact.

A recent discovery revealed that many patients feel results in as little as one month. Synvisc-One, prescribed by your physician, can be taken continuously. Synvisc-One builds upon its predecessor SYNVISC, a treatment which was administered in 3 sessions. The new drug is just as effective and provides an additional layer of convenience.

Synvisc-One is a treatment option designed for those suffering from arthritis of the knee that is not relieved by mild treatment. This injection is administered in a single visit, which lasts just a few minutes. While you should not pursue any strenuous activities 48 hours after the injection, you can resume all other normal activities afterwards.

Be sure to inform your doctor of any swelling, pregnancy, or allergy to bird products, including poultry, eggs, and feathers. Tested side effects are mild if they appear and do not last long.

The physicians at Rheumatology Associates of Houston have many years of experience administering safe arthritis treatment injections, including Synvisc-One.

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